RCP21 is a dynamic economic development agency working with businesses and public stakeholders to stimulate economic growth and sustainability.

RCP21 stands for Remaking Competitive Places for 21st Century Businesses. The company was established in October 2011, being born out of the highly successful Wakefield District Development Agency first and regional and European projects that targeted businesses located on Business and Industrial Parks (BAIPs).

Our extensive experience and knowledge of how to successfully maximise the commercial benefits for businesses located on BAIPs began in 2004 on Langthwaite Business Park.

Managing the delivery of daily services to the 120 businesses located on Langthwaite and working in collaboration with hundreds of businesses on parks across the region enables us to use our expertise to support businesses to maximise the current opportunities available to them through collaboration today.

Through Business Collaboration Network (BCN) we have significantly increased our level of inter-trading.  We are currently supplying products to five businesses on Bretton Street BCN and 16 businesses on Shaw Cross BCN.  In six months, we have increased our turnover by £350,000, which is expected to rise to an estimated £464,000 in total' 

Tim Hunter - Forkway Ltd

'The Richard Alan Group has, in a very short period of time, benefitted significantly from becoming a member of the Shaw Cross Business Collaboration Network.  Commercial benefits gained as a result of joining Shaw Cross BCN were in excess of £30,000'.

Louise Sheen - The Richard Alan Group

Working in partnership with 22 local authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber (RCP21 project) as well as 11 partners from 7 countries in Europe (MITKE project) has allowed us to develop dynamic mechanisms through which public bodies can better engage with businesses and effectively target their resources to assist economic growth and job creation.