About RCP21

RCP21 - Remaking Competitive Places for 21st Century Businesses

RCP21 is a new leading edge Community Interest Company (CIC) that provides high quality and innovative economic development, business support and business collaboration services.

We were formed in 2011 following a reorganisation of Wakefield first, the Development Agency for the Wakefield District, to continue to deliver and develop a series of highly successful projects in theYorkshire and Humber Region. 

The services and expertise we offer originate from the work undertaken through Wakefield first which was viewed as one of Europe's most successful development agencies (2010 benchmarking study by Deloitte`s) playing a major role in transforming Wakefield's reputation as an investment destination. This led to a string of outstanding achievements including Wakefield being named 'best small city for business', the regeneration of a rundown and declining business park, reducing crime and attracting over £12m of new investment to the park and the delivery of innovative and exemplary business support packages boosting investment and employment.

RCP21 specialises in working with businesses on business and industrial parks and working across the business and public sectors to deliver business led results aimed at increasing business efficiency and competitiveness.

Led by Mohan de Silva, former Chief Executive of Wakefield first, the RCP21 Community Interest Company includes the core personnel closely associated with these projects. 

In addition, the RCP21 Community Interest Company includes a wider team of seasoned specialist professionals from the world of research, communications, economic development, law, human resources and finance to provide additional impact for specific aspects of project work.