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RCP21 have collaborated with BCN UK (Business Collaboration Networks UK). BCN UK is an exciting new online inter-trading platform, which has been created primarily for use by businesses located on business parks and industrial estates and enables businesses to inter-trade and work together to share resources and expertise.bcnlogonew6---approved-logo [bcnlogonew6---approved-logo.jpg]


How Does BCN UK work?

The concept is simple; most businesses concentrate the bulk of their time and resources in ensuring that they are profitably delivering their core activities. However, there are a variety of everyday activities that influence the competitiveness of a business. These include keeping up to date with legislation, funding availability, sourcing training recruiting staff, needing short or long term plant or machinery or even space for storage or expansion.


The BCN UK platform offers all information and contacts on all these and more. The platform offers a new way to search for all these products and services starting with who can provide these within neighbouring businesses.


The BCN UK offers the opportunity to upload goods and services, exchange or sell surplus plant machinery or equipment. 


In addition, BCN UK enables you to access key legislation, funding availability, targeting networking, practical information and points of contact.


For more information, visit and click here to download the bcn-uk-brochure