Junction 41 Business Park

RCP21 - Remaking Competitive Places for 21st Century Businesses

Junction 41 Industrial Park in Wakefield is home to over 45 Businesses including Coca-Cola Enterprise, Morrisons distribution, the Card Factory, Planet Platforms and the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation. The companies on the park employ over 5,000 people.

How it started

A breakfast meeting was hosted by Coca-Cola Enterprise for volume transport users on the park to establish what future plans businesses may have for increasing their vehicle fleets and impact on traffic flows. The meeting was facilitated by RCP21. This was the first time that businesses on the park were meeting together.

It was quickly established by the companies present that there was not going to be a problem with the volume of traffic entering and leaving the park. However businesses did identify over 40 common areas that they could collaborate on for mutual benefit.

Mutual benefits gained by the companies to date include:-

Inter-trading opportunities - Following the first meeting companies who previously did not know each other began inter-trading.
Driver CPC Training - Morrisons who have a bespoke driver training facility are in talks to provide driver training on site at their facility for two companies.

Warehouse Utilisation - Companies who are able are now looking at sharing warehouse capacity, providing better utilisation and satisfying the need for short term additional warehouse space. The fact that this can be done on site is very convenient and saves businesses time and money.

Beating Snow and Icy Roads - At the second meeting of the companies held at the beginning of February 2011 businesses reported that during the worst of the winter weather they had, for the first time, worked together to keep everyone's vehicles moving by utilising and sharing snow clearing vehicles to clear loading areas, yards and premises entrances. Keeping vehicles moving helped companies save time and money.

Traffic Improvements - Lack of parking for heavy goods vehicles and cars is a common problem on Business and Industrial Parks. In partnership with Wakefield Council the Transport Collaboration Network has successfully introduced junction_41_13_124x186.jpgwaiting restrictions on Wakefield 41 to reduce the number of vehicles parked along the highways that restricted traffic flow.
The businesses recognised that restricting on street parking may cause problems and actively encouraged businesses on the park that may have some capacity to take displaced vehicles.

Litter Pick - On the 3rd May 2012 Coca Cola invited other businesses involved in the collaboration network to join them on their annual voluntary litter pick around Wakefield 41 Business Park.  The litter pick was a huge success with not only more businesses joining the litter pick but also support provided by Wakefield Council's Cleaner and Greener team.

Training and Employment - Companies are in discussion with each other on possible joint training and recruitment from the local community.