Public Sector

RCP21 - Remaking Competitive Places for 21st Century Businesses

Public sector organisations recognise the need for constructive long term understanding and engagement with businesses.

In these times of diminishing resources, more than ever, public sector support and activity needs to be targeted more effectively and demonstrate excellent value for money. The RCP21 team's strong track record of understanding the dynamics of businesses and their impact on localities is available to you at a level decided by you. Our services include:

  • south_kirkby_colliery_1_215x215.jpgBusiness Engagement  - Helping local authorities and other public agencies to engage with businesses as part of area-based or specific projects.
  • Project Delivery - We deliver projects in partnership with public agencies.
  • Project Management - Developing and managing business support projects such as establishing business collaboration networks and business crime reduction initiatives.
  • Research, Feasibility Studies and Market Analysis - RCP21 are the leading European organisation in data collection and analysis on business and industrial parks.
  • Business Improvement Districts - Developing and implementing Business Improvement Districts as a way of anchoring sustainable regeneration on parks.