RCP21 Lead Langthwaite BID Renewal

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RCP21 Lead Langthwaite BID Renewal


RCP21 have led the successful Langthwaite BID Renewal. On the 11th March 2016, the returning officer from Wakefield Council announced that the Langthwaite BID had been successfully renewed. Of the eligible votes counted, 90.91% voted in favour by number of levy payers and 98.68% voted in favour by rateable value.business-plan-front-pagev2 [business-plan-front-pagev2.jpg]

The second Langthwaite BID will operate for a period of five years from the 1st April 2016 until the 31st March 2021. The BID Levy will generate over £1million of income to deliver the improvements and services to the businesses on the park that were outlined in the BID Business Prospectus.

RCP21 have been appointed as Managing Agents for Langthwaite Business Park during the BID period (2016 – 2021) and as part of the role are responsible for delivering the following services to companies on Langthwaite through the BID.


Objective 1 – Crime prevention and Safety

Working closely with the businesses, Police and other agencies (such as Wakefield Council) to maintain a safe and secure working environment for businesses, their premises, their employees, customers, visitors and other users of the park.

These activities include:

1.       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and related technologies

2.       Police and Security Patrols

3.       Crime prevention information, bulletins and alerts


Objective 2 - Infrastructure

Working with our partners to support the delivery and further improvement of infrastructure services on the park so that businesses and their workforces and customers can operate and access the park safely and effectively.

These activities include:

1.       Improved roads and footpaths

2.       Transport Access

3.       Broadband

4.       Property Maintenance and Investment


Objective 3 – Environment

To support strongly the need to continue making the park into an attractive, tidy and safe environment in keeping with a high quality setting supporting the professional and customer service standards of the businesses which operate on Langthwaite Business Park.

These activities include:

1.       Litter Control and Cleanliness

2.       Pollution Control and Management


 Objective 4 – Business Support

Providing support to businesses on Langthwaite through the provision of services and benefits which adds value to their operations so that they can grow and develop, access finance for growth, attract skilled people and raising profile in existing and new markets.

This is done through:

1.       Recruitment, Training and Development

2.       Business growth and investment


For more information about the Langthwaite BID, please contact the Langthwaite Business Association by calling 01977 652984.