Romanian South West Regional Development Agency

RCP21 - Remaking Competitive Places for 21st Century Businesses

The ‘Aid Oltenia’ project was a partnership between the South West Development Agency in Oltenia, Romania and first – Wakefield District Development Agency. RCP21 has continued to work with businesses and partners in Romania.

The project was delivered over a 2 year period which started 1st October 2009 and ended on 30th September 2011. The key objective of the project was to develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills to improve the performance of existing businesses in Romania, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The project also sought to promote an entrepreneurial culture with the aim of reaching at least 500 people in the Oltenia region.


Aid Oltenia set out to achieve this through a programme of:p1010141_213x284.jpg

  • Seminars - To promote and raise awareness of business culture
  • Help Desks - Help desks in each County of the Oltenia Region were set up to encourage entrepreneurship and strengthen the entrepreneurial culture
  • Management Training and Business Administration - Providing training for staff in SMEs
  • Web Portal - Setting up of a comprehensive web portal and service
  • Training Workshops - To be held in Romania and the UK covering topics such as quality assurance, management and leadership, project management and financing sources, marketing, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, sustainable development and environmental protection.


The key achievements of the Aid Oltenia project included:

  • 10 seminars to promote entrepreneurial culture, attended by over 260 delegates
  • 5 courses for Managers and Entrepreneurs, attended by over 130 delegates
  • A database created highlighting sources of Government funding and the mechanisms for obtaining funding
  • Two Oltenia regional brochures produced, showcasing the areas entrepreneurial talent and potential
  • UK exchange visit to the Wakefield District attended by 26 Romanian business delegates, incorporating industry placements to share and exchange best practice and create pan-European trade links
  • 4 help desk offices were established in the Oltenia region providing business support to existing businesses and new entrepreneurs looking to develop and grow their business idea
  • An Aid Oltenia project website developed and maintained providing businesses with a central point of reference for business support information.