What We Do

RCP21 - Remaking Competitive Places for 21st Century Businesses

We offer a comprehensive package of support that includes a unique business engagement and collaboration service, targeting concentrations of businesses located on business and industrial parks (BAIPs).

We are backed by a track record of successful delivery of complex, multi-partner projects for public and private sector clients.  Our services and expertise cuts across the public and business sectors and we look to support stakeholders to progress and achieve their objectives within this complex and ever changing environment.

We have pioneered a collaborative style of working that helps businesses gain a competitive edge. By creating Business Collaboration Networks (BCNs) across the region, we enable businesses located on BAIPs to work together with other businesses to inter-trade, share resources and bulk buy.

We know many businesses often have common needs that support their everyday operations, for example, energy, fuel, storage and training, such as driver CPC training.  By helping businesses to work together on these common needs we can help them save time, money, reduce the carbon footprint and often increase sales.

The services we provide to businesses includes:  Advocacy and Expert Advice, Business Park Management, Financial Assistance, Bid Writing and Tender Application and International Economic Development.  For further details on our support and service packages to businesses, please visit our Business Sector pathway. 

We work with the public sector to support and assist their objective of actively engaging with businesses in the local region. Our knowledge and strong track record of understanding business dynamics enables us to help local authorities provide support to businesses using a targeted and structured approach. We also provide other services to the Public Sector which includes:  Project Delivery, Project Management, Business Improvement Districts, Research, Feasibility, and Market Analysis.  Please visit our Public Sector pathway for further details on our services.